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-“Once you walk through the doors to the Heart Casa you instantaneously feel you have stepped into a place unlike anything you experienced before. You are greeted with an altitude of pure love and light- the atmosphere surrounds you with a sense of peace &; a strong angelic force. I attended an event they held last week, featuring a exquisite soul Lea Chaplin. I walked in the doors feeling quite overwhelmed myself, with personal issues as we all have. The event lasted two hours, when I walked out, I felt such a weight lifted off my soul…..I can’t explain exactly what transpired in those 120 minutes, but it was as though the energy that Claudia and Michael have created in that space, is carried through to each individual that graces its doors and it becomes a part of your being. THE HOPE & amp & GRATITUDE I left with, is something that still sparkles within me today. I suggest for anyone whom is interested in any kind of "recharge" or "uplifting" experience, that they visit THE HEART CASA, or attend an event. Many thanks to these two divine earth angels, who have made a home for hungry hearts to come and BE.”

-“Absolutely wonderful experience each time I am there. I received a hands on healing and crystal bath. They are truly inspired by the Divine. I am blessed to have found Claudia and Michael and am grateful to both of them. The store is very uplifting with many treasures. Highly recommend ♥️”

-“I am so grateful for today, it was life changing.”

-“Dear Mike and Claudia, I wanted to let you know my results from my last doctor’s appointment.  As you know,  I had a very serious infection and complete deterioration happening in my mouth with my gums.  The Diagnosis was very bleak,  but after the Light Touch Crystal Healing by you and Claudia and then Crystal Bed Healing,  I went for my final check up. I had a good feeling upon entering the doctor’s office,  especially after such a wonderful spiritual encounter I had with you.  The doctor was in shock. He said he could not believe how well my recovery was, saying ……and I quote: < This is nothing short of A MIRACLE! > I just wanted to say to you and Claudia,  I can't thank you enough and I look forward to continuing this wonderful process with you, and thank you so much.”

-“Always, always a tremendous evening with you and Michael!!!! ...a heart  full of GRATITUDE TO YOU BOTH, EARTH ANGELS. 
We have a very, very special connection...I feel the love and healing,  hope and joy pulsate through your hands, during our sessions and I carry a piece of you both,
in my heart each day ...the impact and impressions you  leave me with me each time, are never the same …..but always UNFORGETTABLE...
Thank you for your presence in my life 💕💖😇 Many blessings and love to my dear Divine beings...”

-“Hi Claudia !! I wanted to let you know I went to the foot specialist on Thursday.  
I had been wearing the boot since  I saw you last, and this visit was to determine a date, for possible surgery.
Well, my doctor couldn't believe what he saw, when took the boot off and checked my foot ....
it was completely healed!
Where there had previously been a huge knot, the size of a half dollar in my arch, there was nothing but a tiny, tiny little bump.
I had no pain whatsoever, when he manipulated my foot and ankle, whereas before the pain would have had me jumping off the table!  
He said he's NEVER seen anything like it before ... you and Mike healed me!!!!!! Thank you!! Much love friend ❤ "

- "Just a note to let you know how much I appreciated your time, your energy and your amazing healing space.
I honor you from the bottom of my heart for your dedication to the Spiritual Journey. 
Courageous you were to leave your home country, to come to a land with so many differences, including the language. 

- "Just wanted to thank you again for yesterday.  Whether it was from the treatment or just the total relaxation and tears that were shed, I think I slept the best last night, since I was told about my blockage.
While I am a little achy today, I also had no pain on the ride home and last evening and was able to sleep on my stomach (my favorite way).
I am so glad I came down and you will see me again soon!!!"

- "You bring that heavenly love and light to us here, and everyone that comes into contact with you, feels the same …
You are a guiding earth angel who radiates unconditional and eternal love glow…

- “This was an enjoyable, peaceful experience, that feels centering and filling, calming and enlightening. I feel my feet on the ground now.”

- “My headache is gone. I feel great and peaceful. This was wonderful as always.”

- “ I felt touched lightly, in the places I was sore. I felt I need to heal myself first, in order to heal others. I felt my own heartache drifting away.”

- “My physician gave me Claudia's card. I immediately connected with her and made an appointment at the Heart Casa.

I was welcomed with warmth and love as I entered. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL EXPERIENCE I HAD, FEELING THE SPIRITS AT WORK. 

I am leaving much lighter. What a beautiful gift Claudia shares with everyone who comes here.”

-“This was a deep and profound healing. Words cannot exactly describe what happened. I felt a deep pulsing within the cells of my body and around and within my auric field. There was an expansion of light and consciousness from within; a remembrance, a turning on, of something dormant. 

Pure consciousness. Thank you.”

-“I felt soothing energy instantly. My stiffness and pain went away. My mind and heart are now opened and my whole body, is much lighter than before.

I have great energy throughout my body, concentrated in all of my chakras.”

-“ My experience has deepened with each treatment. I have seen colors and visions of places I know and I have been to, in dreams and in life. 

It is always so peaceful; I feel calmness, joy and well being.”

-“I felt very heavy and tons of electricity pulsing through my body. This was very healing.”

-"Michael and Claudia are so loving and caring. They are so devoted to bringing spiritual healing to everyone who steps into the Heart Casa. 

I will return on a regular basis."

-“Connecting with my Higher Self, I had a feeling of calm and peacefulness, and remembered that I have all the answers within.”

-“I love you Michael and Claudia. The treatment this morning was incredible. I am not sure if you realize it, but you radiate unconditional love, so much so, 

I sometimes want to cry around you. It is so wonderful that you are so close.”

-“My body is rejuvenated. This was the first time I have ever experienced energy flowing through all of my chakras, and that was a very connecting and healing experience.”

-“True healing took place. Thank you.”

-“Upon reaching Zen, I was filled with a cool, tingling energy up my spine, starting from my left foot, and leading up to the crown. 

This experience was very calm and serene.”

-“I had a beautiful experience here today. I went in feeling overwhelmed and left feeling light and rejuvenated.”

- “When the crystal light bath first started, I began to reflect upon my life and the things I can do better, such as to be more attentive and to be a better listener. 

I thought about the importance of chasing dreams and doing all the work it takes, to get there."

-“A quiet moment to stop and go inward; a chance to feel, and not to think; a rare moment of non- doing. Thanks for reminding me to be in the moment.”

-“I felt an instant state of peacefulness and stillness. I was able to let go of fears and uncertainties and become in touch with LOVE.”

-“I asked for energy for a three - country trip, I was about to embark upon. The treatment, I thought, would generate energy within me. 

Instead, I felt the revved-up,  frenzied energy leave my body, through the touch of Michael and Claudia's hands and the crystals. 

At one point , I felt "Oh, poor Michael, he is taking out this toxic energy." I felt it being extracted. Calmness replaced this toxic energy. 

I realized that's what I needed for my trip.”

-“My heart is opened. The release of all the pain leaving my body, was immense and trans-formative. I feel like all the pain of grief, has been lifted from my heart. 

I am cleansed.”

- “What a wonderful, amazing experience. I felt the energy of the Entities, as soon as I entered The Heart Casa.”

-“I loved the crystals being placed on me. I loved the song:"There is magic in our hands"! The crystal bed was comfortable. 

I cried a little bit, because crying is healing to me.”

-“My mind is blown away! This is life changing! I feel incredibly light, like a feather.”

-“I found the experience extremely relaxing and I definitely felt energy moving the whole time. Overall, I think the crystal bath helped clear out several energetic blockages, that were leaving me feeling "stuck" in several areas. I say this, because within 24 hours of our session I came into contact with people and resources that were able to address some work-related challenges that, previously, were refusing to budge! So I'm quite grateful for that.
Overall, I really enjoyed our session and the opportunity to experience your work. You're clearly an extremely gifted healer. I feel quite blessed that I was able to experience your work and the beautiful energy you helped bring forth.”

-“Dear Claudia, To say - life changing -  would be a understatement! I have a new hold on my life now thanks to you and Michael.
Every time I walk into a session with you, I feel the love and the change in my body and soul , truly knowing that we are all loved and getting that confirmation from the healings received from you. I thank you so, so much . ❤❤❤❤


Thank you again so very, very much for the work you and Michael did with us yesterday.
I feel that my heart has opened wider and that I gained some much needed mental clarity regarding some personal relationships.
The two of you bring so much (badly needed) love and healing into this world. I feel so fortunate to have met you both. B.


“Ever since the singing bowl/sound therapy, I have felt light and fluid. My body feels free. So thankful for the freedoms The Heart Casa has given me.”


Thank you for a morning well spent and filled with warmth, kindness, caring, knowledge and insight. I look forward to visiting again soon. 
I’m very appreciative of your expertise and your willingness to share your wisdom. 
Yours truly, K.


My dear Claudia & Michael.  What an exquisite night, I am truly touched and so grateful to have been a part of it all. Thank you again for thinking of me. ALWAYS Soo good to see you ...the store is SENSATIONAL ! Congratulations on it all. You two have helped so many and now you have a place where we can all gather - glory to God for he made this all possible - a peaceful sleep to you both.


I feel like I had a spiritual adjustment, that lightened my spirit and state of being...


It was a beautiful.  
We are blessed to have you and Michael provide this for all of us who were there and for the distant healing opportunities.
My hip had been hurting, but it really started at my neck, down my spine, and then to my hip. It affected my walking.
However, it seemed to heal a little each day after the experience.  Three days ago, I didn’t notice any pain when I walked or got up from sitting.  
I am so happy! It’s not 100% yet, but close.  
P. was there for healing of his back.  He was advised to get an inversion table.  Also, to say “I love myself” every morning.  
I overheard his healing, which was given with so much concern and care.  “You shouldn’t  have this much pain,” he was told.  
We both enjoyed the experience. Again, thank you for your sacred service.  Michael's voice and words sounded like a minister.  
He kept us focused and in the spirit of giving throughout the evening.  
With blessings and love, B.


Thank you for having the event; it touched my heart and I know it helped me spiritually and emotionally. 


I want to tell you how amazing Wednesday’s event was.  
I have never experienced any anything like it and I feel truly transformed.  
I want to thank you and Michael for all that you do.  
We need all of this love and healing, now more than ever and you both are truly angels.  
I feel so blessed and grateful to have you both in my life. Much Love, J.


I feel more at peace and closer to God . Love, M. 


What a beautiful, powerful experience from beginning - and I cannot even say ‘end’ -  because I am still processing it all.
My friend CB just lost her brother. He was only 62 and was taken by a bowel cancer, that just ravaged him.
CB was his main care giver and she was having a hard time with his death. She has been feeling so much better since the healing.
She seems much lighter and is so grateful for this whole process. I was so struck by the energy in current.
It was very powerful and my healing was just what I needed. I have been feeling much more energized and have started my cleanse as suggested.
My dreams were amazing the night of the healing and I am grateful for the message they brought.
Thank you and Michael for everything you did to host these two beautiful souls.
I know how much energy it takes to do what you do, and I am so grateful.
I was so happy and amazed to see so many people I had not seen in a long time.
I will be stopping in next weekend with a friend from out of town.
I hope to see you then my sweet sister Claudia and thank you again for the wonderful healing.
Blessings to you and Michael, A.


Dearest Claudia and Michael,  We had a wonderful time at the Brazilian healing. I personally had a wonderful experience. First of all, I thought sitting in the chair for 4 hours, I was not going to be able to walk afterwards.  After the healing I sat for three hours and when I got up , I had no pain at ALL and for 2 days.   We went away for a few days and I started doing the treatment, I was told to do, and the pain is so much better. I have discovered I have to sit in a straight hard chair.   Thank you for a beautiful experience! Loved it! I THANK all of you for the beautiful experience I had!  Love and Light, K. 


It was wonderful for me. I do feel my energy shifting. I feel motivated to get things done.
I feel peaceful and energized at the same time.
Thank you for hosting this extraordinary event. 
Namaste, D.


Thank you sooo much. My experience from Wednesday night is still resonating with me.
The current room was most healing for me.  All my Love, C.


Good morning my sweet ones- 
A grateful heart I write this email with.
The other evening was a FIRST for me, but to sit in that current and assist  in sending out good energy
and holding a vibration, to allow the higher spirit to flow through and bless all involved, gave me an unexplained  euphoria. 
Many, many thanks again for the opportunity to partake in that event. 
Here comes the rain, may the showers wash us from all that is of no good service to ourselves and all those we love. Have a blessed day my dear ones ! 


Great. I loved it. I carried the peace all week.


I cannot wait to be back in the shop to shop and take it all in. Ugh such a special vibration in there, unlike any other.
And that my dear, is you and Michael’s love, light and devotion to the movement your souls have set to do.
A enlightenment of healing.


Thank you for the wonderful gift of healing yesterday. I felt elated and somehow different in a good way.
I feel something starting to rise from within, that will get stronger and clearer.
I know our paths were brought together for reasons beyond helping me heal, that are yet unknown.
I am excited for our continued work together and the enfoldment of an amazing journey. 
With love and gratitude, C.


Hi! I just wanted to let you know that B really enjoyed this morning’s session and I am so happy about that!!! I could see he was really open and present and it was the most, that I ever saw him able to do that- I so appreciate your and Michael’s kind loving words. intentions and healing actions- I feel them intensely and know that they are bringing so much wonderful healing to so many people. I feel like I can see the spreading of those values, while you both are leading the sessions and it is very powerful and exactly what is needed at this chaotic time in peoples’ lives, as we grow and transition. Thank you ❤With love, J.


This was the best day I have had since my fall.  I was able to go up and down 3 significant steps (of course holding onto the handrail).  
The pain is still present but soooo much better.  I still use my walker more for safety, but I find myself carrying it in front of me or dragging it behind me.  
The doctor said I was healing ahead of schedule.   I am so very grateful!   Thank you so much.  
I gave your information to a friend M.  She said it will be this weekend before she is able to contact you.  
She is currently working as a hospice nurse.  She was my business partner.  
Again thank you so much for all you do. 
You are such a blessing. B


Claudia and Mike- Thank you for a lovely morning. You are so very special in your talents, healing abilities and in your being. I look forward to spending time together. Have a wonderful day in the neighborhood.  Namaste.


Hi Claudia, I Wish To Thank You & Michael For Such A Rewarding Experience …!!
And For All The Beautiful Expressions Of Kindness, Warmth, Healing , Teaching & Harmony Of Spirit & Compassion Of Love In The Light...!!!
My Friends And I Had Such A fulfilling, Expanding Feeling Of Love & Light Through Your Therapies That We Were All Felt Rejuvenated & Restored Into Harmony With Spirit & The Universe…!!!
Thank You For Being Our Guides, Teachers & Healers...!!!!
It Was An Amazing Day & Experience For Us All…!!!


The Heart Casa ...a physical oasis you have set up in Ocean City...
Your voice is sharing one of the specialty traits of your being ...
it is meant to hit one’s soul, like the sound of that a Tibetan bowl...
We all are whisked away to a serene and special place when you speak.....
the wisdom you share and the tone and texture that you speak, sounds pure angelic.

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